Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions
  1. E-Power Italia with headquarter in Piazza Sant’Apollinare, 2 – 20152 Milano (MI) , in the person of its legal representative Enrico Barlotti, offers for sale products ( as described under point 2.1) , on its own website and carries out its own activity of e-commerce exclusively for consumer-Users having reached the age of 18 years .

1.2 The term “consumer” means a natural person who is acting for purposes which are outside his trade, business, craft or profession. Persons who don’t fulfill this role are therefore advised to at least abstain from any web operation. The vendor reserves, in turn, the right of denying to process purchase orders from persons other than consumers or orders which do not correspond to its own business policy.



Object of the contract

2.1 E-Power Italia, on its own website offers for sale new products only, in particular electric bicycles.

2.2 The products mentioned under point 2.1 can be viewed on our website on the special product page . Pictures and colours of the products as shown on the product page, may differ from the actual items due to the browser or screen used during website surfing. E-Power Italia shall not be responsible for possible unsuitability of images or colors of the items due to the above-mentioned technical reasons.



Implementing rules and regulations


3.1 The order of the product can be placed  by filling in an electronic order form, following the instructions  stated there.

3.2 The order form contains a detailed description of the product you are interested in, an image, a detailed indication of the price of the selected product (inclusive of taxes and VAT), of the method of payment used and  the mode of delivery of the product.

3.3Once the order form has been filled in all its parts, it must be sent by electronic means to E-Power Italia , completing the order procedure. All aspects of the Contract (including, without limitation, its formation, validity, performance and construction) starts to run upon receipt of the order form by E-Power Italia. The latter, will undertake to send to the purchaser, by email, the receipt of the purchase order and a summary of the order form.



3.4 By submitting an order form to and making a contract with the vendor the consumer agrees and accept the General Terms and Conditions of the Contract and the privacy policy

  1. if the item is not available in our warehouse,  at the moment of compiling the order form E-power Italia will undertake to report this circumstance to the consumer by means of electronic mail.
  2. If, In the case referred to in point 3.5, the consumer has lost his interest in receiving the delivery of the product, he will undertake to to report this circumstance by means of electronic mail within three days from the date of notification of unavailability . Therefore, The contract will be considered as being terminated.


E-Powr Italia, undertakes to deliver goods to the consumer which are in conformity with the contract of sale.  On all products the warranty service for manufacturing defects is provided by the manufacturer for a period not shorter than 2 yeasrs from the date of delivery warranty does not cover improper use of the product or malfunctions deriving from improper maintenance of it. In case the warranty needs to be used, please contact us in order to receive all the necessary instructions.




The purchased products will be shipped to the address indicated by the Customer in the

order form by means of a courier designated by E-Power Italia .

The shipment  will take place within the maximum of 7 working days after confirmation of payment

From a value of 49€ the shipping is free throughout Italy




The price of the selected product is the one indicated in the order form and in the summary under heading ” total payment”

Payment may be made by:

bank transfer

Credit card and prepaid card ( ex.PostePay)


Cash on delivery



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