Workshop 3.0

Workshop 3.0

Workshop 3.0

Our workshop offers what shopping centers today cannot offer, a warm welcome and artisanal labor and experience in choosing materials and solutions for electric mobility.
In large cities today it is also difficult to repair a puncture of the inner tube, imagine arranging more complex components such as sprocket pack, chain, crowns, bottom bracket, everything seems difficult because the craftsmanship is disappearing. We at E-Power Italia in addition to having welcoming stores, offer a “welcoming workshop” open to all our customers with whom to share the moment of repair as sharing and training to provide for the repair independently.
The workshop represents the strength of a shop that offers anti-stress solutions from car traffic, as the customer rightly demands a trusted workshop where to keep his bike safe and receive the utmost professionalism.

The most demanding customers are advised and directed towards the best choice of spare parts and accessories necessary for the customization of the individual models.
Restoration works are also carried out on vintage bicycles as well as specific projects for the realization of “tailor-made” electric bicycles or particular adaptations and customizations for the realization and transformation of unique specimens.
Repairs are carried out rather quickly. For the most complex cases, the vehicles will be able to “park” in the workshop for a few days.

Write to us and send us photos or videos of the problems encountered via Whatsapp to the number +39 380 4693794, within 1 hour we will send you a free price range for the repair.

Home service
We collect all over Italy, your E-bike, Scooter and Skateboard faulty and we return it to you repaired!
Not everyone has the means to comfortably and effectively transport these products, if you need us and it is not comfortable for you to reach us in our stores, we will come to you.



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